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_ [comp/emacsen] (define-minor-mode foo "test minor mode" t " :-)") on XEmacs

バグと思われるので xemacs-beta に出しといた。 nntp:gmane.org で見てるんだけど出てこない…。ちゃんと送れてないのかしら。忘れてしまいそうなので一応貼っといてみよう。
To: XEmacs Beta <xemacs-beta@xemacs.org>
Subject: bug in easy-mmode.el
Hi, folks
(define-minor-mode foo "test minor mode" t " :-)")
cause (wrong-type-argument commandp foo) error.
This is because define-minor-mode defines function
foo-mode and try to register toggle-function foo
by calling add-minor-mode.
On the other hand, the behavior and following docstring differs.
  "This function defines the associated control variable MODE, keymap MODE-map,
   toggle command MODE, and hook MODE-hook."
Actually it defines MODE-mode when MODE does not end with -mode.
Yoichi Nakayama
何かおかしい気がしたので nntp:gmane 経由で再度 post しておいた。今度は届くかな。 やっぱ出てきません。何でや〜 (;_;)

_ [comp/emacsen] xemacs-beta を見ていて、

I've noticed (maybe) a bug on xemacs with auto-show-mode off.
The cursor does not follow the current point.
How to repeat:
1. start xemacs by "xemacs -nw"
2. eval (setq truncate-lines t) and (auto-show-mode -1)
3. C-e on the middle of some truncated line.
4. point moves but visible cursor does not move.
The correct behavior is C-e (or repeated C-f) should put
cursor to "$" mark on the right end. But if I repeat
C-f then the visible cursor stops just before "$" (not
on "$").

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10.30-11.1 於: 大阪産業創造館

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研究室の後輩の鈴木くんから結婚式の誘いの電話を頂く。8/31 とか。ええ、ぜひ行きますとも。