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_ [comp/emacsen] Third OpenPGP backend: PGG

gnus cvs につっこまれた模様。

Simon Josefsson <jas@extundo.com> wrote:
> I added support for PGG in mml2015.el, and added a top-level directory
> pgg/ which contains PGG and its dependencies.  When copyright
> assignment have been checked, hopefully files can be moved into lisp/.
> To use it, just put gnus/pgg into your load-path, Gnus should prefer
> PGG over gpg.el and Mailcrypt.
> The goal is of course to have OpenPGP simply work out of the box.
> Mailcrypt and gpg.el cannot be shipped due to copyright problems.

_ [comp/emacsen] lookup topic in mule-ja@


_ [comp/emacsen] find a bug in mpg123.el

バグを発見したのでさっそく yuuji さんに報告しておいた。

_ [comp/emacsen] fixed (mpg123.el)


_ [misc] calendar

ふと、calendar コマンドを叩いてみたら、

25 Sep* John Bonham (Led Zeppelin) dies of alcohol poisoning, 1980