Yoichi's diary


_ [comp/FreeBSD] 分割すか。

sobomax wrote at 2001/11/15 10:10:41 PST:
BTW, he is going to be the last ports committer approved by the core...


Waner wrote:
Core is pleased to announce that as of Tuesday, November 11, we've
delegated the maintenance of the ports tree to the portsmgr team.
They have been maintaining the infrastructure make system for a while
now.  To that list, we've added the ability to approve ports
committers; to resolve disputes within the ports tree; and to generally
manage the ports tree as appropriate.
portmgr currently consists of:
	ade, asami, kris, sobomax, steve, will


_ [comp/FreeBSD] anoncvs

お、治ってる。これで diff 取りの際の不便が減ります。

_ [comp/emacsen] wl-draft

しまった。無用な引数ふやしてる。サマリバッファ渡しとけばすむ話か…。とかおもったけど、wl-draft の中でやろうとしてうまく行かない。何故だぁ